Did you -- or do you -- enjoy playing hide-and-seek?


Was the lost and found box at school your favorite hangout?


If either of the above activities spark an adventurous bone in your body, our friends at Dodge have a game for you.


Starting tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011, Dodge starts a new marketing campaign that touts the 2012 Dodge Journey as the "Search Engine for the Real World."


The interactive campaign invites you to follow clues to find one of three Dodge Journeys – one hidden in the west, one in the Midwest and one in the east of the continental United States. The contest ends Sept. 27.


To find a Dodge Journey, you have to watch the Dodge TV ads, which start today, and check out either the Dodge YouTube Channel or the Search Engine of the World contest website. From the campaign news release, here's more info on the contest:


The initial 30-second TV spot, “Search Engine,” shows a montage of three Dodge Journeys on various adventures across America – kayakers headed out for a trip, a group of friends on a road trip and a family ready to camp. The spot ends with the viewer being told the vehicle they’ve just seen headed somewhere beautiful is in fact still sitting in that final real world location waiting to be discovered. The first person to find the Dodge Journey, wins it.


Subsequently, three additional TV spots – “West Coast” (debuting Sept. 10), “Midwest” (debuting Sept. 16) and “East” (debuting Sept. 23) – will each reveal details on where one of the Dodge Journey vehicles is headed and where it can be found. If viewers look close enough, in nearly every frame of each of these 30-second spots are clues to the Dodge Journey vehicle’s ultimate destination. The more consumers get to know about the Dodge Journey and its features, the more clues they’ll uncover about where one is waiting to be discovered.

On Twitter, be sure to follow @Dodge and #JourneySearch hashtag.



A scene from the Search Engine Dodge Journey TV ad. For other images, including a view of the contest page with clues, see the 2012 Dodge Journey: Search Engine for the Real World Flickr Set.