White is the most popular color for new vehicles.


That's according to a story last week by The Detroit Bureau (quoting from a PPG survey), as well as current data on new Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and SRT 2011 and 2012 model year vehicle sales.


But the Chrysler Group's Communications Facebook Page and @Chrysler Twitter communities have slightly different preferences for their new vehicle colors. We'll give you those stats, but first let's look at those doing the buying.


From The Detroit Bureau's car color story:

"At 21%, white not only rolled into the top spot but displaced the perennial favorite, silver, which slipped just a micron behind black....With white, black and silver all coming in at over 20%, the rest of the spectrum had to pick up the scraps."


Our customers agree. According to sales data, their color preferences for 2011 and 2012 model year vehicles ranked:

  1. Bright White Clear Coat
  2. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat
  3. Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat
  4. Black Clear Coat
  5. Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Coat


For this post, I didn't gather numbers but you can see that, as in the national survey, white, black and silver are in a pretty close race for most popular color honors.


From the Chrysler Communications Facebook and @Chrysler Twitter communities, we received more than 60 replies, with at least a few people offering up two answers to the question (first posted Wednesday): If you bought a new car/truck/SUV, etc., right now, what color would it be?


Three people said white.


However, echoing closely to national survey and our own customers, black came out on top with 16 votes. That was closely followed by red with 15. No other color was close: orange (including Mango Tango) tallied nine votes, green tallied seven votes and blue pulled in six supporters.*


Other favorites included gray, silver, yellow, tan/light brown and fuscia.


If you want to add your colored two cents, please leave a comment.


*For simplicity sake, we grouped similar shades of colors into the broader color categories. For example, olive was counted as green, Inferno Pearl was counted as red, etc.


Image: 2011 Dodge Charger R/T in Redline 3 exterior color.