Americans know it: Jeep® is as iconic a name as any in the automotive world.

And the world knows it as well. Of Chrysler Group's various brands, Jeep is the most global. During 2011, 108,649 Jeep vehicles were sold outside of North America. 

While the U.S. and Canada are the top two markets, which country is #3 for Jeep brand?

Answer: China, with 22,294 sold last year, up 81% from 2010. Through the date of this blog post, we've already sold 10,477 Jeep vehicles in China during 2012.

To demonstrate Jeep brand's commitment to the China market, Jeep brand introduced the Jeep Wrangler Dragon design concept at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on April 23, 2012 (Beijing time).

Why Dragon?

This year is the year of the dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes strength and power, and is an aspirational character normally associated with royalty and good fortune. It was those characteristics that inspired the designers in Chrysler’s CTC office in Auburn Hills.

Wrangler Dragon is the first Jeep vehicle designed specifically with Chinese elements in mind. As you can see on these photos and on the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Flickr set:
  • Design concept features a tone-on-tone dragon motif, inspired by the Year of the Dragon
  • Vehicle is painted black with numerous bronze-gold details, including inside the front grille slats, headlamp surrounds, Jeep badging, Chinese dragon character side badge, and wheel outer edge and center cap
  • Exterior has tone-on-tone dragon decal that starts on the hood and runs down the driver’s side of the vehicle, as well as a dragon motif under the hood and on the spare tire cover
  • Inside, the black and bronze-gold theme continues with black leather seating surfaces and bronze-gold accents throughout