Do you want a new car but don't have the cash? Why not get help from your family and friends? Dodge is introducing 'New Rules' for buying a car with a creative concept – an online Dodge Dart Gift Registry.

Future brides and mothers-to-be have been setting up registries for years. Even Carrie Bradshaw registered for a new pair of Manolo Blahniks when her shoes were stolen from a party in an episode of “Sex and the City.”

Now there's a new socially driven platform that can help you raise money for your car.

The Dart Registry,, allows consumers to configure and customize a Dodge Dart, and set a goal for the amount of money they want to raise to fund it. It then itemizes components of the car--like a steering wheel, shifter, seat or engine, allowing friends, family or anyone to sponsor the specific parts.

And it's not just for brides.

Graham Schave is a personal chef, caterer and cooking instructor. His company, Your Gourmet, is your answer to throwing the perfect get-together. He'll even buy your groceries. For Graham, there's only one missing ingredient – the car of his dreams.

You can help Graham get a new 2013 Dodge Dart just by donating on his Dart Registry page! Or, start your own and see how Dodge is changing buying cars forever.