There is absolutely no truth to comments alleging Chrysler Group is either moving production of Jeep® Brand vehicles to China at the expense of American jobs, or is producing Jeep vehicles in that country for sale in North America.

Chrysler Group LLC Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne was crystal clear in an email sent to employees on October 30, 2012. In that email he stated, “I feel obliged to unambiguously restate our position: Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China.”

In fact, Chrysler Group is investing more than $1.7 billion to develop the successor to the Jeep Liberty, which will be built in Toledo, Ohio. Here in Detroit, we’ve created 2,000 jobs since 2009 at the Jefferson North Plant where the Jeep Grand Cherokee is built.

The Jeep Compass and Patriot are produced in Belvidere, Ill., where Chrysler Group has added two shifts since 2009, resulting in 2,600 additional jobs.

As for Jeep production in China, Marchionne was adamant in explaining any vehicles built there would be solely for sale there, saying “Chrysler Group is interested in expanding the customer base for our award-wining Jeep vehicles, which can only be done by establishing local production. This will ultimately help bolster the Jeep brand, and solidify the resilience of U.S. jobs.”

So let’s be clear. Anyone accusing this company of moving Jeep production out of the U.S. at the expense of American jobs or investment is simply dead wrong.