America has always had a love affair with muscle cars. The 1960s were the golden decade of the muscle car for Chrysler with its legendary HEMI engine. From the Chrysler 300C to the Plymouth Barracuda, there was no shortage of power on the road.

Today that love affair continues. This weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a gathering of more than 2,400 Chrysler brand enthusiasts is taking place. It's billed as a Mopar-lover's paradise. There are cars, prizes, guests and a big contest reveal that will make HEMI fans roar with excitement.

The 2013 Dodge Challenger Dream Giveaway is the opportunity for someone to win not one, but two Dodge Challengers along with $50,000 to cover the taxes. It's a giveaway that can only be described as Plum Crazy! Watch the video below for details:

The Dream Giveaway runs through May 2014. You have plenty of chances to enter to win. Each entry requires a donation to New Beginning Children's Homes, which will help support several children's charities through grants. Donations are tax-deductible. The more times you enter, the lower the cost per entry.

To enter, go to