This Halloween season, Jack O’Lantern has a new look. These Dodge stencils could have you out-carving the neighbors.


Choose from the Dodge Challenger or the Dodge Ram design below. Follow the links to print out a stencil of either Dodge, and then follow the instructions below to create your own Dodge pumpkin.


Click here for Challenger Pumpkin Stencil  like the one below



Click here for the Ram Pumpkin Stencil like the one below




Click here for a copy of the instructions, or follow the instructions below.


  1. Download and print pumpkin template.
  2. Trim and make small incisions in the pattern so that it lies flat on the fact of the pumpkin. Tape the edges of the pattern to the pumpkin.
  3. The black shapes will be carved from the pumpkin. Transfer the pattern by poking small holes along the black shapes with a push pin.
  4. Remove the pattern.
  5. Saw carefully along the dotted lines. Gently push the pieces through with your fingers.
  6. Anchor a candle at the bottom and light your candle. You're now ready to display your best Jack O'Lantern ever.