Who can give you a better opinion of a vehicle than current owners? Which is why automotive marketing research firm AutoPacific surveys car owners for their opinions about their purchases.


AutoPacific found that owners of the Jeep Wrangler and the Dodge Nitro liked their vehicles better than any other owners in their respective segments. The Dodge Nitro was the most recommended vehicle in the Mid-Size Sport Utility segment, and the Jeep Wrangler earned top honors in the Compact SUV/Off-Road Vehicle category.


“As this study shows, owners who have confidence in their vehicles and are pleased with their ownership experience will share that message with those around them. This is further evidence that the huge improvements in quality which we have made in the last year have not gone unnoticed by our customers.”


AutoPacific's research objectively measures owner recommendations with newly purchased or leased passenger cars or light trucks by ranking new owners' responses to the question, "Would you recommend your new vehicle to a friend or relative?" Scores are based on the responses, ranging from "Yes, definitely," "Yes, with reservations," or  "No."