These days, consumer electric vehicles are all the rage at auto shows, and the 2010 Washington Auto Show is no exception. But while manufacturers plan to begin selling these cars to consumers in coming months or years, Chrysler Group LLC has been in the EV biz for a decade through its subsidiary, Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM), based in North Dakota, which the company acquired in 2000. In the ten years hence, GEM is easily the market leader with more than 40,000 tailpipe emission-free cars rolling the roads in just about every corner of the country. The market for GEM’s lineup of six models of low-speed, street legal vehicles is surprisingly larger and more diverse than just gated or retirement communities. In the above video, Steve Bartoli, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Engineering Planning, Chrysler Group LLC, explains GEM’s history and its impact, including 19.5 million gallons of gas and 93,000 metric tons of C02 saved.