Smiling faces as employees come into work?! That may be a rare sight at some corporations, but not at Chrysler Group, and especially not on what’s come to be known informally as “Calendar Day.”

On December 5, employees entering the Auburn Hills Complex were handed the first Chrysler Group employee calendar illustrated with 24 winning images shot by their co-workers from around the world. To keep things fair, an outside judge, Nancy Watson Barr, the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Associate Curator, selected the winners from the several hundred entries submitted during a contest held in the fall. Winning photographs were chosen based on how well they illustrated the contest theme of “Open Road,” as well as their overall appearance and quality.

Chrysler Group Communications, who sponsored the contest, chose the “Open Road” theme to reflect the company’s journey of discovery, challenge and continuous improvement.

In his message to employees on the calendar cover, Sergio Marchionne said the theme wasn’t chosen by chance, but instead marks “our horizon, which extends to markets around the world. Open Road is our drive to continuously improve everything we do. It is an approach that comes from people who are willing to take the path less traveled, from minds that are flexible enough to respond to unexpected twists and turns in the road, and from women and men who respect and trust each other as traveling companions.

“Open road” is our future, filled with exhilarating possibilities, a trail leading to wherever we choose to go if we continue to bring our skills and passion to focus on what’s ahead of us. The degree of participation in the contest shows that our Group is full of people who are involved, enthusiastic and talented. All the images that were submitted demonstrate creativity and originality, and above all, they capture the vital spirit of our brand products, designed and built to leave their mark on the open road for the world to enjoy.”

Ms. Barr, agreed, saying, “While the 24 winning photographers’ works mark the 12 months on the calendar, they also signify the drive of all Chrysler Group employees to move forward on their journey along the company’s future open road. It was my privilege to have been their passenger.”
The calendars will grace walls around the world, with distribution to nearly 70,000 Chrysler Group employees and dealers during the coming weeks. Many employees had already circled December 5, looking forward to “Calendar Day” 2013.