Jeep “Mountain Researchers” Are Thankful for Four-Wheel Drive in The Sierra Nevada’s
As my mom and I had the opportunity to spend some time together, we mapped out our trip and talked about the importance of having a Jeep. She said, “We just never know what we’ll find or where we will go… It gives us the confidence to go anywhere!”
After circling a variety of cities on the map, this past week travels have taken me from my home in the Sonoran Desert, to the Arctic Circle to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, San Diego for the ever coveted fish tacos, Los Angeles for a star-crossed chase, through the Sierra Nevada’s to Lake Tahoe, and to the Jeep doctor for a precautionary tune-up for our Flame Red 99’ Cherokee Classic…that has a roaring 213,000 miles on it… leaving plenty of room for many more adventures to go!
It is so easy to take for granted the little things in life… like the ability to instantly drop your Jeep into Four-Wheel Drive….but ‘tis the season to be thankful…
This year… I am very thankful for all Jeeps!

Jeff, Daiva, Ashley

On our trip to up to the Sierra Nevada’s, I met up with a few of my good friends and fellow “Mountain Researchers” from Chicago in the Reno area before we drove up the serious mountain terrain. Daiva mentioned that she has been inspired to be a “Mountain Researcher” by her grandfather’s love for skiing, which has been passed on through family generations. Jeff, a fellow Wrangler owner said has been inspired by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the Patagonia Company, for his environmentally friendly practices and love for the great outdoors.

After being warned about the intense terrain and the need for chains, I took my mom’s advice and knew were in need of a Jeep Wrangler. We stocked up for our trek at our favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s, and decided to take the scenic route to get a better glimpse of Lake Tahoe. As the elevation started changing, and our ears started popping…we knew were in for some good snow. Within seconds, we were in a total white out! The chain warning signs were flashing like crazy, cars were stuck in ditches, and spinning off the road. I threw on the four-wheel drive, as we headed directly into the storm! It was incredible! It was if we were driving inside a snow globe. We let the music be our guide as we continued to wave to every Jeep insight, as it was the only vehicle that could make it through the storm with its legendary four-wheel drive system and ground clearance.

Once we got to The Aston Lakeland Village in South Lake Tahoe, we checked into our three-story townhouse nestled in the forest. I turned on some of my favorite Warren Miller ski films as we shared mountain tales about legends that have inspired us to travel down unfamiliar terrain.
As part of Daiva’s morning “Mountain Researcher” duties, Daiva checked the weather report sadly letting us know that mountains were closed. Outside of our townhouse, we took a stroll down to the lightly snow covered beach where we found a giant rainbow above Lake Tahoe. It was one of those scenes you see in a movie... an experience that makes you wonder if you are actually dreaming.
With sprinkles of rain along the way we chased the rainbow all the way to Squaw Valley, home of the 1960 Winter Olympics. You could just feel the spirit of the legends that have been there... a chilly feeling that wakes up all of your senses, as if the spirits wanted to knock you over. Or maybe it was just the 35 mile an hour winds that caused the lifts to be closed? We’ll let you be the judge.
After lunch in Squaw, we found ourselves in the historic town of Truckee. A little railroad town that preserves historical charm and character. To conclude our trip around Lake Tahoe, we stopped at Northstar to check out the trail gear at Patagonia.
On our last morning in Tahoe, Daiva woke all of us up because the lifts were finally open! Jeff made breakfast for the team before we made a mad dash to Heavenly to explore the views on the gondola from 10,067 feet.
The three of us looked out on the horizon completely speechless…wondering why we haven’t been to Tahoe sooner. It is moments like these that really make you feel so alive and thankful! You wonder how you got to this magnificent place… maybe it really is a dream, until you look down and see your tracks.
Thank you Jeep for always giving us the freedom and confidence to explore the open road!
Until next time…
Remember to always “Have Fun Out There!”
Happy Trails and Happy Holidays!