Well..that didn't take long. It was only last Thursday that Motor Trend magazine named the Ram 1500 as its Truck of the Year. That's a big enough honor to want to shout it from the rooftops..or at least as close to the roof of Chrysler World Headquarters as you can get. 
Workers quickly replaced a section of the existing Ram wrap on our 15-story headquarters tower in Auburn Hills, MI with the great news that the editors of Motor Trend chose the Ram 1500 as its Truck of the Year.  It looked so good we couldn't even wait for the sun to come up before grabbing a few shots.  There are more on our Facebook page.

Aside from sharing this great news with our employees, we're also sharing it with the hundreds of thousands of motorists who drive by each day on I-75.  If you're in the area, buzz by. It looks even better in person...just like the all-new Ram 1500..Motor Trend's 2013 Truck of the Year.