“The first thing you do when you get up out of bed

Is hit that streets a-runnin’ and try to beat the masses

And go get yourself some cheap sunglasses…”-ZZ TOP

Our Great-Grandpa Jimmy always use to warn us about “snow blindness”…as youngsters in suburban Chicago, we never really thought too much about it…many moons later and after super group 1,2, 3…GO! Played ZZ Top’s Cheap Sunglasses At the Belly Up in Aspen, we have found ourselves listening to his wise words of wisdom and embracing the “cheap sunglasses” in our mighty Jeep Wrangler!

This winter the mountains were rumbling! With our “cheap sunglasses” in hand, we were ready for another mountaineering expedition. As wise legends are known to live deep within the snowy mountains, travels took us to the snow-globe town of Aspen, where Element 47, (Silver) was discovered in the late 1880s.

Brittany and Ashley Hill
With a tight schedule, Jeep’s Winter X Games, and a severe blizzard, Brit and I had some serious terrain to cover. We checked into the Historic Hotel Jerome, dropped our bags, grabbed some hot chocolate and began to strategize. After flying up the lift at Buttermilk Mountain through the blizzard we retraced our tracks, and revisited with 93 year-old skiing legend Klaus Obermeyer. Klaus is such an inspiring icon for us Jeep Girls! He headed to Aspen in 1947 where he taught ski lessons at Aspen Mountain.

After realizing that his clients were cold, he created the down jacket after modifying a down comforter. He also developed mirrored sunglasses! (Although, they weren’t “cheap.”) In order to keep the skiing industry fun and exciting, he created the original Googie Tie, and gave them to movie stars such as Gary Cooper. Inspired by his simplicity of finding a need and creating, we are heading down a new trail inspired to dream big!

Brittany Hill, Klaus Obermeyer, Ashley Hill

He shared his thoughts on winter apparel and the importance of having necessary mountaineering equipment for any adventure, like the Obermeyer mirrored sunglasses to protect against “snow blindness.” Klaus Obermeyer has the best attitude! With a bright smile, we can all learn something from Klaus… basically to keep smiling and keep living!

After taking Klaus’ recommendation, we had a delicious lunch with our new friend Sally Spaulding at The Little Nell Hotel’s new restaurant, Element 47, which represents Silver on the periodic table. We talked about how we see ourselves in our 90s and the importance of following Klaus’ model and adding avocadoes to every meal.

With the blizzard in full swing, we were snowed-in in Aspen! We had the opportunity to check out The Limelight Hotel. The hotel has very spacious rooms, and a lovely European continental breakfast to satisfy every need before hitting the slopes. On Mondays and Thursdays, the hotel even offers a guided tour of the mountain, “Inside Tracks” or tips on where the Yeti hides.

Before the sun had a chance to set on our mighty Jeep, and before another storm headed in, we put on our “cheap sunglasses” and headed home.

Until next time… “Keep living!”…and we will be practicing our rendition of “Cheap Sunglasses” on our beloved Martins!

See you soon!

Brit & Ash