Maybe you’re driving down the road, and your spouse needs to check email for directions. Or the kids want to download some music, movies or games to their iPhone, Sony Playstation or laptop. Soon, it will be possible with UConnect Web, which makes the vehicle a moving WiFi hotspot with Internet access.

Today, at the annual What’s New event in Chelsea, Mich., Chrysler unveiled UConnect Web, which will be available in August as a dealer-installed Mopar accessory. The industry-first technology delivers uninterrupted, secure Internet connectivity for all passengers in and around the vehicle.

UConnect Web allows all passengers to connect to the Internet wherever cell phone service is available.

The U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of UConnect Web is $449. Dealer installation is estimated at approximately $35 to $50. Autonet Mobile offers wireless Internet account service at $29 a month.

Keefe Leung, Manager - Advanced Connectivity Strategies for Chrysler, shows how UConnect works in the video above.