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Under the Pentastar: Aug. 22, 2014

Don't Touch My Dart: First Scratch

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: Sizzle



Mopar Helps Keep Your Vehicle at Peak Performance

by Pete Misiak

The long, hot summer of 2012 appears to be slowly winding down, and those of us still standing can look forward to approaching moderate temperatures and autumn-like conditions.

But what about our cars? The scorchingly high temps really took a toll on our vehicles. For example, summer travel gives brake pads a heavy workout, resulting in the removal of thin layers. Likewise, summer heat does the most damage to battery life and is often the cause for failure in the winter.

With that said, there’s no time like the present to give your car, truck,...
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Chrysler Drives Small Business Success with New Web Site

by Betty Newman

Rebecca owns a dog walking business in Boston; David is a Texas contractor; and then there’s Steve … he’s a landscape designer in Massachusetts. Three different people, two different states, three different jobs, one common denominator … they’ve each got a story to tell about growing their small business and the Chrysler Group vehicle they depend on to help make it happen.

The Chrysler Group is listening to Rebecca, David and Steve and thousands of other small-business owners through a brand new web site...
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Car Care Tip: A Peak at Proper Tire Pressure

by Blog Editor

Temperature changes and cold weather in particular, along with ordinary driving can impact your vehicle's tire pressure.


In the below video, Chrysler Group gives an overview of how those changes impact tire pressure, and how to use your vehicle's systems to ensure you're driving with optimal tire pressure -- which helps your fuel economy. A Ram truck is used an example but the tips can apply to all Chrysler Group vehicles: Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge.


At the end of the video is a particular note if you have a Ram 2500...

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