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Under the Pentastar: Aug. 22, 2014

Don't Touch My Dart: First Scratch

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Record-Setting Matchmaker Event Pairs Purchasing With Minority Suppliers

by Jen Herman

Tech Plaza, in the Chrysler Technical Center,  is the closest thing we have to a town square. With its soaring four-story atrium and expansive open space, it's a perfect place for a major meet-up.

That's essentially what the 14th annual Matchmaker event is--a chance for representatives from suppliers owned or operated by women, minorities and veterans to get together with members of the Chrysler Group purchasing and supply organization. If there's a good match, we may be doing business together.

More than 2,800 people from more than 270 minority supplies jammed Tech Plaza Sept. 12 and...

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Chrysler's Product Design Office Gives Suppliers' Award Custom Touch

by Mike Driehorst

A lot of people -- A LOT -- contribute to the success of Chrysler Group, and we paid tribute to some of them last week at our annual supplier awards ceremony.

This year, we added a special touch as the awards were designed by our Product Design Office, with assistance by our in-house Rapid Prototyping team and Prestige Engineering Research and Technology.

"We thought it'd be a more meaningful award and as a way to reinforce our commitment to our suppliers if we produced a unique award," said Tim Annes, PDO director.

Mark Moushegian, design manager for our California-based...
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"One Voice" Aims for Harmony With Suppliers

by Ed Garsten

When suppliers and auto companies speak with "one voice" things work out better for all:  better quality, better prices, better relations.  So that's a good reason a new program being rolled in in the next few months aimed at reaching those goals is aptly named, "One Voice."
Dan Knott, Senior Vice President Purchasing and Supplier Quality presented the "One Voice" program during the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit today, but offered a quick explanation to our blog.  He also explained how ongoing Chrysler Group efforts to improve relationships with suppliers have improved...
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Diversity Part of Chrysler Group's 'DNA'

by Mike Driehorst

From the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman to the Dodge Challenger to the Fiat 500,  Chrysler Group's lineup suits a diverse range of automotive tastes.


So it only stands to reason that the men and women who stand behind our vehicles echo that diversity.


Two recent announcements reaffirm our commitment to that diversity.


Best Companies for Diversity Honor

The September 2011 issue of HispanicBusiness published a list of the top 60 Best Companies for Diversity. Chrysler Group is just one of four automotive manufacturers on the list. We rank 36th, good for being the #2 auto OEM in the U.S. We're the best of the traditional...

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Chrysler Group Working with Suppliers to Toe the Line on Vehicle Pricing

by Mike Driehorst

Supply and demand are funny, but still very predictable things. Overall, the economy is still not doing too well. That's true in the U.S. and elsewhere. People are still hesitant to make major purchases. So you would think demand is down.


Yet, compared to how bad the U.S. auto industry has been of late, 2011 has seen a lot of growth from Chrysler Group, and our friends at GM, Ford and other automakers. So with demand up, the costs of many of our raw materials and other production factors also are going up.


But we don't want to upset the upward trend in...

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