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Under the Pentastar: Aug. 22, 2014

Don't Touch My Dart: First Scratch

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: Sizzle



Chrysler Investing in Future Technologies

by Tyler Lipa

Here at Chrysler Group we’re known for our Pentastar and our HEMI® engines, not necessarily our electric vehicles. While electric vehicles don’t make up the majority of the automotive market, that doesn’t mean Chrysler Group isn’t investing in that future technology. Chrysler Group is harnessing the best of what we’re made of to create forward- thinking products that will meet the demands of consumers today and tomorrow.

Adam Timmons, center, accepts his award from Gary Rogers, left, of FEV and Mark Johnson, right, Chairmen of the SAE Foundation Board of Trustees
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Dealer Takes Issue With Writer's Column

by Blog Editor

Chrysler LLC dealer Jim Addis felt so strongly about an op-ed column that appeared last week in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that he fired off the following letter that the paper published today. In his letter, Addis questions and corrects a number of statements and assumptions made in the original op-ed piece by Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson. Here is a copy of Addis's letter to the Post-Intelligencer.Guest Columnist: Pull the plug on automakers? Not so fast


By Jim Addis


Responding to "Pull the plug on U.S. automakers (Wednesday)," I say, "Not so fast." I take issue with Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson's op-ed...

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Under the Pentastar: Jan. 16, 2009

by Mike Ellis

This week, Under the Pentastar goes to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, recapping the Chrysler reveals at this year's event. In addition, Chrysler Financial makes financing available to consumers.

Designing the 200C EV Concept

by Mike Ellis


Imagine seeing the car you sketched actually built and roll onto center stage as the center attraction in an auto show. That's the trhill that Nick Malachowski experienced - he's the lead exterior designer of the Chrysler 200C EV concept. Malachowski andRalph Gilles, Chrysler Design Director describe the work that went into designing the 200C in the video above.


Surprise - Chrysler Unveils 200C EV Concept

by Mike Ellis


Nobody saw this coming. 


By this point, most automakers have already shared with the press what they plan to display at the North American International Auto Show. But Chrysler pulled out a surprise - the 200C EV concept, an electric-drive vehicle that can run up to 40 miles on battery power, with zero fuel consumption and zero tailpipe emissions. For longer trips, a small gasoline engine gives it a range of up to 400 miles.


With its electric-drive technology and sculptured exterior, the Chrysler 200C EV shows that an electric-drive sports sedan can be both practical and sexy....

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