The Chrysler brand is very excited to partner with Warner Bros. Pictures new film “The Dark Knight Rises,” scheduled to hit theaters on July 20. In celebration of our partnership, this evening the Chrysler brand will unveil a 30-second, co-branded television spot entitled “Imported from Gotham City.”

Directed by Stacy Wall and set to music from the film, the TV spot was designed and shot to look and feel as if it could live inside Gotham City itself. The commercial opens on a modern, industrial laboratory and reveals the transformation of a 2012 Chrysler 300S into a custom-designed Chrysler 300 “Dark Knight Rises” edition.

As the spot unfolds, an elite team of mechanics and machinists transform the vehicle with a Matte Black exterior, stealth body panels, advanced weapon systems and a jet engine. It's a Chrysler 300 that’s been “Imported from Gotham City.”

We hope you enjoy this new spot that is scheduled to debut this evening on the NBC Network. And, check out the 60-second version on the Chrysler brand YouTube channel at